Tunbridge Wells Summer Season 2018

Tunbridge Wells Summer Season 2018

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Rarely a week goes by without there being some amazing events in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Our theatres, attractions, parks, restaurants, charities, amenity groups and other organisations are tirelessly planning every type of event you can imagine. From the colourful and vibrant Mela in Calverley Grounds to a spoken word poetry weekend, an arts trail, food festivals and music events, there’s an event taking place this summer to satisfy every taste and every budget. This guide will make it easier for you to explore what’s going on, right on your doorstep. With month by month listings of events from now to the end of September, it will be easy to try some new events in different venues. The sheer variety of events to choose from is huge – be sure to make the best of a summer season in Royal Tunbridge Wells!

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tunbridge wells summer season 2018


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