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Commodity Vision, July 2011 issue

Commodity Vision, July 2011 issue

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Publisher's Description

Commodity Vision, published from Mumbai, is a quarterly journal that primarily deals with commodities. It features well-researched articles and analyses. In that sense it acts as a kind of commodity research economist with domain knowledge on a wide spectrum of commodities. The journal will help in removing the disinformation and biases that surround the commodity marketplace. It intends to serve as a useful tool for market participants as well as policymakers. The journal contains information on price analyses and factors that influence price formation. Each issue contains a Special Report that focuses on a specific commodity. The journal will be of interest to all the commodity market functionaries, including producers, processors, traders, brokers, hedgers, arbitrageurs, and speculators who are a part of the commodity ecosystem. The publication will also benefit the regulators as well as government bodies such as the Planning Commission, the Reserve Bank of India, government departments relating to agriculture, textiles, energy, steel, finance, petroleum, metals, etc., as also bureaucrats and politicians.

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