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Sertus Supplier Ratings (SSR) are used to measure the capacity and capability of suppliers across a multitude of industries. The purpose is to be able to standardize supplier competency and compare factories from different backgrounds. Sertus uses these ratings, together with price quotes and other considerations, like location and logistics implications, to assess the attractiveness of quotes. The rating system is based on a score of up to 800 points and is subsequently adjusted to a 10 point scale for ease of use. Sertus ratings contemplate a wide array of criteria and the methodology has grown in sophistication over the years as we continue to refine the system to accurately reflect changes in industry practice. Our ratings are based mostly by information furnished by the supplier being reviewed, although there are many pieces of information that we obtain independently. Sertus assigns a rating only when there is adequate information available to form a credible opinion, and only after applicable quantitative, qualitative, and legal analyses are performed. The Analytical

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