Shindig! Quarterly No.2

Shindig! Quarterly No.2

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DONOVAN The trailblazing observations of a psychedelic troubadour. THE ELECTRIC PRUNES Underground! Europe! David Axelrod! Fake Prunes! The saga concludes. THE MERRY-GO-ROUND The rise and fall of Emitt Rhodes’ Californian Beatles. THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL John Sebastian’s travelogue of the ’60s club scene. THE OUTSIDERS The story behind their psychedelic masterpiece CQ. Plus RONAN O’RAHILLY • JOHN LECKIE • INCREDIBLE HOG • DENNIS COFFEY • MICK ABRAHAMS • MICHAELANGELO • JPT SCARE BAND • MERRY CLAYTON • WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND and much more!

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