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Spiritual Whispers is a new e-Magazine for spiritual people who have an interest in spiritual matters or for those light worker’s striving to make a difference in this hectic often crazy world! Each edition we look in depth at various topics provided by the editorial team and guest writers. We would like you, the reader to send in your amazing and inspiring stories too. Spiritual Whispers is full of interesting articles, philosophies, facts, myths and legends. This innovative magazine is designed to be informative, intriguing, inspiring and thought provoking. As a team we aim to raise a more diverse awareness of spirituality and Spiritualism. Here’s what’s in store: Healing Page In these increasingly troubled times, there is a great need to send healing to those who are suffering and in pain around the world. With this in mind, Spiritual Whispers fully supports and personifies Spiritual Awareness of the power of healing on our Healing Page. Please send out your healing thoughts and prayers of love and kindness to those in pain and difficulty. Features and Stories Spiritual Whispers aims to look at life a little differently, from a spiritual perspective, with kindness, love and compassion. Spiritual Whispers aims to discuss and debate spiritual matters, magic, psychotherapy, and science. You, the Reader Spiritual Whispers includes pages devoted to you, the reader. Send in your interesting and real life stories and articles and we will publish them. Please write in to our Letters Page, with your ideas, thoughts and views. How Far Can Spiritual Whispers Go? Print off the cover page of the magazine, Photograph yourself holding the cover of Spiritual Whispers, tell us about you and where you’re from and we will print your photo, and write a short article about you. Captured Moments of Beauty Photograph somewhere amazing, or a sacred site. Send in your photos and the details about the beautiful location, and we will put in our magazine with full credits in your name of course! International Spirituality With each new bi-monthly publication, Spiritual Whispers will look at interesting and intriguing stories local to you and from around the world.In time, we hope to bring the very best in spirituality from around the Globe, such as the First Nations’ philosophy, Aboriginal people of Australia etc, all in their own words. Reviews and Resources During the Coffee Break section we review books, have a Horoscope Page, a Teen Forum for publication of teen views and articles on spirituality from a teenage perspective. What’s On - Spirituality Style Find out what events are on in your area, published on the Events Page. Look at the all new Pin Board Wizard, pin your business cards to the Pin Board to advertise and attract new clients to your business. This new and and exciting magazine is being published on the internet and promoted in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We hope you enjoy reading Spiritual Whispers, as much as, the Spiritual Whispers team have enjoyed writing this magazine. Love and Light Phil, Debra and Denny

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