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The magazine would act as a window for the local students to the global world, deeply committed to motivate and inspire the students to achieve excellence in their academic career and to help the students studying in down country to stay in touch with local events moreover within its capacity it would produce finance for the needy local students.” Objectives: Through this magazine we hope to achieve the following objectives: • To inspire students of Gilgit Baltistan to reach out to institutes of quality education. • To give a window to the local students to see the global world so as to change the perceptions and thinking of the students. • To help build the literary and writing skills of the local students. • To provide a means for the students studying in institutes outside Gilgit Baltistan to stay in touch with events happening locally. • To address the career related issues of students. • To financially help the needy students of Gilgit Baltistan. Format of the Magazine:

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