LOV Magazine featuring Teairra Mari

LOV Magazine featuring Teairra Mari

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LOV Magazine the "Life Of Vision" for the Modern Gentleman In recent decades, the word Gentleman has become a lost art, a distant memory for many men and women. From dress to speech, from ambition to etiquette, many men choose no guidelines, no standards as the guiding light and authority. "Any" way has become synonymous with "style". The "easiest and quickest way" has become the standard for success. "Dressing down" has become the norm, the expectation. Polished and well-groomed are now seen as "effeminate". "Dudes" and "guys" are the words of choice to describe men, instead of Gentleman, Sir and Mr. We, at LOV Magazine, have a different view. Rooted in our illustrious past, in an era where standards and style, achievement and taste were built-in to the word Man in general and Gentleman in particular, LOV Magazine will redefine, restore and inspire the Gentleman in us all, with a modern flair. The cornerstone of LOV is the "Life Of Vision." Literally and figuratively, in ways great and small, LOV will re-establish the Vision of the Gentleman: from which cufflinks to wear to which lady to marry; from how to tie a Windsor knot to how to take your career to the next level; from which vacation home to buy to which wine to buy for the perfect meal. Our publication will also cover the traditional areas of Men’s Fashion, Celebrity Interviews, Electronica, Music, Fine Dining and Cooking, Grooming, Travel/ Getaways, as well as Careers and Personal Finance. LOV will open eyes and minds and give a deeper meaning to the phrases 'the good life' and 'the finer things.' LOV's multiple media platforms will offer an unprecedented fusion of visually stunning images and photography with useful, insightful and innovative stories and prose. Subscribers will be able to access LOV through all forms of electronica, from PCs to iPhone and Kindle. Of course, the crown jewel of LOV Media will be the magazine itself. Each issue will bring some of the most beautiful women in the world to the reader's fingertips. LOV will also go inside the mind of these creatures of desire to see what really makes them tick, (and ticked off.)- OPTIONAL As LOV grows we will offer reader's a wide variety of live, taped and streaming events to attend and watch, from Behind The Scenes Videos of photo shoots to LOV parties and retreats. At LOV, our aim is to inspire and edify the modern Gentleman, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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