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PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS ?These guys may be viewed by the rest of the world as another great garage band, but in the States they were one of '60s pop's biggest teeny-bopper sensations. CARAVAN ?Along with The Soft Machine, CARAVAN were accidentally responsible for the much-feted "Canterbury Sound". SHOES ?Powerpop didn't die in the mid-70s. As soon as successful first wave acts like The Raspberries and Badfinger were winding down, the chiming guitars and vocal harmonies of the mid-60s enjoyed a less heralded renaissance via a multitude of bands untouched by the initial throes of punk. THE LEMON DROPS ?For Illinois' most notorious nearly-men, the path to fame, notoriety and success was one paved with enough ill-fated accidentals to derail the ambitions of lesser players. JIM McCARTY ?Yardbirds and Renaissance man JIM McCARTY remembers the good times with LENNY HELSING! “SO who was best? Clapton, Beck or Page?” FRANK ZAPPA MARCO ROSSI talks with legendary director TONY PALMER about working with Ringo, Moony and shooting a maelstrom of controversy in one take for the debauched 1971 Zappa fest 200 Motels.

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