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Porcupine Press / UP Magazine

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Porcupine Press Publications are real, sort of. The monthly magazine is called "UP Magazine," available in print and digital, and is anchored on one major course. Its mission is to make you glad you read it. Sounds pretty simple, but it takes a lot to make that happen. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride designed to tease all the emotions from page to page. The word "UP" in the title really means the editors strive to raise your spirits to a higher level while at the same time feed you information that you won't find in the mainstream media. The cast of characters work together nicely as the crew, able to navigate this ship of fools, with the direction of Captain Mike at the helm. For 21 years, before this masthead, the Captain has cruised the sea of humor and the waves of emotions, but still evades being labeled what it really is. Come and navigate through it, to know that it is one of a kind and each monthly cruise is different.

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