World Outlook of Glyphosate 2009-2014 – Edition (1)

World Outlook of Glyphosate 2009-2014 – Edition (1)

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"World Outlook of Glyphosate 2009-2014 edited by CCM International is the world first research about global glyphosate. This report is comprised of 3 main sections including supply and demand, glyphosate situation in each country and flow research. 10 key players are profiled. From global insight, this report will present to readers a clear picture about production, distribution and application of glyphosate in the global market especially 28 countries including 8 Asian-Pacific countries (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel and Australia), 5 Europe countries (Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine), 2 North American countries (USA and Canada), 1African country (S. Africa) and all the South American countries. With more than 53,000 words and over 300 tables and figures, this report will enable readers to gain unrivalled understanding about global glyphosate market. Through this report, you can:  Be well informed of the supply of intermediate and glyphosate formulations in these 28 countries including key players and brands;  Get to know the application of glyphosate in these 28 countries breakdown by crop, growing periods (pre-seeding stage, pre-emergence stage and post-emergent stage);  Gain intelligence on possible activities of Chinese glyphosate players;  Understand the demand of glyphosate in each county and continent;  Have a clear picture of glyphosate flow among some important countries  Know the purchasing behavior of some key multinational players such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Nufarm As the largest pesticide, glyphosate has developed to be the main profit source for many companies, especially the top enterprises with broad sales channel in crop protection market. What is the market share of main players in glyphosate market? Which competitive strategies do they take to strengthen their position in glyphosate market? You can find answers in the report. Undoubtedly, GM crops and no-till farming are the main drivers for glyphosate consumption in the global. For the same reason, South America is the largest contributor to the world glyphosate application hike in the past 5 years. Will its glyphosate market still hold the growth trend in the near future?  Which region(s) will be the next growth point for glyphosate market?  Which new GM crops are likely to be approved in main countries for glyphosate consumption?  What are the attitudes of main countries to GM crops and their impacts on glyphosate? CCM will give you an insightful analysis on the above questions. Besides, bio-fuel is another key factor for glyphosate consumption. Due to the global energy crisis, bio-fuel, recognized as an important substitute for petroleum, gains rapid development all over the world, causing the growth of demand for the feed stocks, such as cane, oil palm, cassava, etc. Those crops planted areas rise to meet the demand of bio-fuel. The main countries’ policies to bio-fuel and their impacts on glyphosate is comprised in the report. In a bid to figure out the glyphosate flow, CCM has dived deep into the global glyphosate supply chain, with glyphosate technical producers, glyphosate trade, key players and brands in main countries analyzed systematically. Moreover, an insightful research on the source and distribution of glyphosate of the top players in glyphosate market is provided in the report. It seems that glyphosate has enjoyed good days in most countries in the world, but it still faces some risks. What are they and how will they affect glyphosate in the future? You can also find answers to them. "

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