American Classifieds of Knoxville 09-09-10

American Classifieds of Knoxville 09-09-10

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When it comes to getting the word out about your business or service, American Classifieds is the vehicle that delivers. American Classifieds is a local paper that has been serving East Tennesse for over 25 years. We cover over 14 counties and reach close to 50,000 readers weekly! You can find us in your local grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores, restaurants and fast food, discount, retail and service stores, laundromats, thrift stores, banks, hospitals, almost everywhere! What makes this paper different from others is that our readers are buyers. When your ad appears in American Classifieds print edition, it will also be viewable in our digital edition. Our goal is to get you noticed. Whether they see your ad in American Classifieds print edition or our digital edition, we have the platforms to get you the response you need. We will work for you by monitoring and optimizing your campaign to reach its fullest potential!

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