The Kettlebell Guide – Volume 6

The Kettlebell Guide – Volume 6

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Welcome to the sixth and final edition of The Kettlebell Guide. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the fabulous articles from some great kettlebell instructors. Whether you’re a novice lifter or regularly press two 30kg ‘bells we’re sure that you’ve found something in the pages of these six issues useful to you. To round off the series, we’ve got some more great reads for you. Dave Bellomo introduces kettlebell poker and some other interesting games designed to keep your workouts fresh and stave off boredom. Jamie Lloyd and Meghan Lamont both discuss diet – what’s the point of working your body hard if you’re not going to feed those muscles the correct nutrients? Jamie discusses how to get your ph levels back in balance, while Meghan focuses on the myths of the diet world. Butter is good, low fat margarine is bad! Turn to page 8 to discover why. And finally read more about Indian Clubs and how using them will help your KB work outs. Thank you and stay strong!

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