The Kettlebell Guide – Volume 5

The Kettlebell Guide – Volume 5

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Welcome to volume 5 of The Kettlebell Guide. This issue takes you out of your comfort zone to discover a stronger, fitter you. Rob Beauchamp discusses the important of muscles and strength for your lifelong health and fitness. He explains the secret of meaningful fitness, through 'volume taining'. Rob also offers some workouts to help you gain optimum strength. Meghan Lamont’s diet feature talks about food intolerances and how they can slow down weight loss. PLUS more challenging techniques and video demos. The Kettlebell Guide is initially going to be a 6-part series. Although you can purchase and download individual issues, we recommend that you opt to subscribe in order to view previous issues as well. CLICK ON THE SPACED OUT LIBRARY TO SAVE £6 AND SUBSCRIBE TO ALL 6 ISSUES FOR JUST £10!

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