Shindig No.37 - Raspberries

Shindig No.37 - Raspberries

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THE RASPBERRIES - Like The Beatles, the Stones and The Who all over again! The ’70s American rock stars who brought adolescent pop thrills back into the charts ---- IAN ANDERSON - Tells us how he was musically awoken by Irish R&B bad boys The Wheels, let down by The Stones and bought The Sex Pistols’ first album ---- LOS ANGELES LOVE-INS - Between 1967 and ’69, a handful of ticketless love-ins were held in Southern California. These peaceful meet-and-greets combined live music, often from unsigned bands, with meditation, frolicking, food, and good vibes in public parks, where smoking was not illegal. ---- TEMPLES - New kids on the block TEMPLES seem to be taking the world by storm, perhaps proving that all the fuss about psychedelia in 2013 was not mere faddishness. ---- THE DREAM - They made some of the most confrontational, outré music produced in The Netherlands, or anywhere else for that matter, during psychedelia’s Big Bang. ---- NIGEL MAZLYN JONES ---- Since the mid-70s he has quietly been making some of the best acoustic music in the UK. A well-known figure on the live circuit he performed with numerous acts including Argent, America, McGuinness Flint, Hatfield & The North and Barclay James Harvest.

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