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Interstellar Overdrive - The Shindig! Guide To Spacerock

Interstellar Overdrive - The Shindig! Guide To Spacerock

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“Space cannot be measured. It cannot be angered, it cannot be placated. It cannot be summed up. Space is there.” Hawkwind, ‘Black Corridor’ Spacerock owes almost everything to two bands: HAWKWIND and PINK FLOYD. The former would most closely define the template of the genre – hard chugging riffs, futuristic electronic noise and sci-fi inspired lyrics. Wind the clock back a few years and the factors that inspired those two bands can be glimpsed: JOE MEEK, the BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP and sci-fi soundtracks like FORBIDDEN PLANET all contained the seeds that would germinate in the psychedelic era. Of course, others trod a similar cosmic path in their own unique way. The likes of SILVER APPLES, GONG, SUN RA, NEU!, AMON DÜÜL II, FUNKADELIC and CHROME all added unique shades to their own undeniably spacey sounds. It’s a genre that has constantly mutated and regenerated with bands like OZRIC TENTACLES and SPACEMEN 3 taking elements and defining their own sonic templates in the ’80s and ’90s. Bringing things right up to the present day, acts like THE HEADS, ASTRA and WHITE HILLS are making music as thrilling as their forbears. It’s all here, so sit back, put a record on the turntable and space out with INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE: THE SHINDIG! GUIDE TO SPACEROCK.

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