The Kettlebell Guide Volume Four

The Kettlebell Guide Volume Four

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Welcome to volume 4 of the Kettlebell Guide. This issue moves up a gear to build a better you. Paul Fallows concentrates on breathing and how doing it correctly will help increase the weight you lift. Meghan Lamont discusses how, when and what you put into your body to mend and build it. Jamie Lloyd offers great programs to your suit your workout week. If you need any more inspiration to get moving, read the interview with Rob Beauchamp and find out what convinced him to use kettlebells. PLUS more techniques and DVD demos. The Kettlebell Guide is initially going to be a 6-part series. Although you can purchase and download individual issues, we recommend that you opt to subscribe in order to view previous issues as well. CLICK ON THE SPACED OUT LIBRARY TO SAVE 6 AND SUBSCRIBE TO ALL 6 ISSUES FOR JUST 10!

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