The Kettlebell Guide Magazine Subscription

The Kettlebell Guide Magazine Subscription

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The Kettlebell Guide Magazine Subscription
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The Kettlebell Guide aims to introduce people to a centuries old way of keeping fit, toning the body and having fun while exercising. Through step-by-step text, photographs and imbedded video we take you through kettlebells moves to get the body you crave. Starting with the foundation kettlebells exercises in Volume 1, you'll gradually progress to more intense exercises with the addition of new volumes each month. As well as exercise instruction, The Kettlebell Guide has complementary features from the sport's experts, interviews with the big names who train and compete with kettlebells, features on nutrition, plus reviews of books and extra equipment to help your training regime. The Kettlebell Guide is initially going to be a 6-part series. Although you can purchase and download individual issues, we recommend that you opt to subscribe in order to view previous issues as well.

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