Starmaker: Leviathan Issue #2

Starmaker: Leviathan Issue #2

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Starmaker: Leviathan Issue #2
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“THIS IS ONE YOU SHOULDN’T MISS.” Ain’t It Cool News. Jacob Carter’s parents died when he was a young child. He was taken away and raised by their assistant Victor Kord, who was convinced that Jacob’s parents were part of a global conspiracy to conceal something known as the Leviathan. He indoctrinated Jacob to devote his life to smashing the conspiracy. Kord was assassinated by a shadowy group known as The Sentinel, whose job it is to protect the secret of the Leviathan. The murder of his mentor only made Jacob more determined to uncover the truth. He is very close to finding out the truth, but does not realize that his actions put the entire planet in jeopardy. Issue two continues the story with an action-packed attempt on Jacob’s life. Created by the critically-acclaimed team behind THE HUNTER, STARMAKER: LEVIATHAN is a 425 page sci-fi epic in 21 monthly issues. STARMAKER: LEVIATHAN. THE END IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

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