2012 Final Prayer 4.00

2012 Final Prayer 4.00

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2012: FINAL PRAYER An End Times Anthology Price: 4.00 What will go down on 12/21/12? Extinction ... Ecstasy ... Or another Y2K non-event? Comic Creators from around the world share their creative interpretations! From the award-winning publisher of BONE CHILLER, comes an "End Times" anthology that is truly a global event. 2012: FINAL PRAYER features graphic tales from indie comic creators from the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Scotland and South Africa. Also includes an "extras" section with a graphic tale and short stories about "what happens the day AFTER 12/21?". Plus essays from 2012 authors Marie D. Jones and Marshall Masters, with a Foreward by Jim Harold, host of the popular PARANORMAL PODCAST on iTunes. "A dandy concept for graphic fiction that remains true to James Warren's independent spirit, with illustrated stories a bit edgier than the mainstream. I'd much rather re-read this book a third time than watch Roland Emmerich's movie even once." -Rod Lott, Bookgasm.com "This is a great collection of original stories by some amazing writers and artists. You know I say give me some monsters and I will tell you how funny they are, but if you make me think about the world ending, now you've got me scared!" - Decapitated Dan, From the Tomb magazine "Say your final prayers because 2012 is coming! This book is chock full of terror, chills and thrills that will leave you breathlessly asking: what will happen on December 21, 2012? A roller-coaster ride of an anthology!" - Marie D. Jones, best-selling author (2013: The End of Days or A New Beginning?)

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