Delivery Policy:

Single items

Single items are delivered shortly after direct payment and will appear in your library. Some items can require extra processing time and may take up to 24 hours to appear. You will receive a confirmation email from YUDU Express and receipt email from Paypal during this period. Please contact us if you item does not appear within 24 hours.
Items that are not paid directly, such as with eCheque, will be available in your library once the payment has been cleared (like a physical cheque, eCheque's take a number of working days to clear). This usually happens within 7 working days but can vary depending on Paypal and your bank.


Subscription items are delivered the same way as single items (see above) with the content served according to the publisher's schedule over the period advertised (for example, a publisher may publish their editions to your subscription once a month, twice a month, or bi-monthly). Once purchased you will see the subscription in your library and any publications available to you from this subscription will be grouped inside the subscription item. New publications are added by the subscription publisher according to their own schedule and each time new publications are added you will receive a notification email with confirmation of your new item.

If you purchase the Club Subscription option, if you choose not to renew, you will not have access to previous and new publications after the end of your subscription period.

If you purchase a Traditional Subscription you will have access to previous publications once the subscription ends, but will not receive any new publications.


All purchases on YUDU Express are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the initial purchase.

To request a refund, please email us at refunds@yudu.com with your YUDU Express account information and the receipt from your purchase.

Once a refund has been approved, the money will be transferred back to the original PayPal account you used to purchase and access to that item or subscription will be removed. Account upgrade refunds will result in your account being downgraded.

Credit Card Retention:

YUDU Express Media does not keep your credit card information on file after your transactions are complete. Each transaction that you make will be sent to Paypal - where your credit card information is stored. You can update this card information at any time by going to Account Management and overwriting your card details, in addition to being able to manage any subscriptions that you may have.

Customer Service Contact:

In the event of technical difficulty when using our website, making purchases or publishing, please email yuduquery@yudu.com.

If you wish to give us feedback/comments regarding the website and services, please email feedback@yudu.com.

If you wish to request a refund, please email us at refunds@yudu.com with your YUDU Express account information and the receipt from your purcahse.

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