Watch the My Library help video about how to find and add new items to your library, how to add tags, how to organize your library and also how to delete items from your library.

Tagging guide

Tags are simply words that you choose to represent your content, which help it get found by others who are searching. To add tags, click on the tag field and add more words that describe your publication.

When you have published content that's added to the public library, the tags that you have used to describe it will be visible by everyone exploring and searching in the YUDU Express library. To add tags, simply click on the tag field.

As an example, if you were publishing your first novel on YUDU Express, about the Pyramids in Egypt, you might tag it with 'book novel fiction action adventure mystery thriller pyramids Egypt'. When someone else searches under any of these tags, my novel would show up in their search results. The more tags that someone searching enters that match the tags of my novel, the higher it would show up in their search results.

When you're viewing other people's content in your own library, the tags you enter won't be visible to other people but are a handy way of organising your library. For instance, after adding a magazine to my library about the latest cars, I might tag it with 'cars magazine September unread'. While the first three describe the magazine and help me to find it again, the last tag is an example of a different way to view you items. When searching 'unread', YUDU Express will give you a list of all your items that you have tagged 'unread', saving you a lot of time going through everything!

This is only a very small section on tagging and how you can use tags, to give you a basic idea. We'll add more as we go along!

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