Set up a Subscription Group to sell subscriptions to your publications.

As a YUDU Express subscriber you can also create a subscription group to sell access to multiple items - or multiple issues - over time. It's especially useful if you have a weekly or monthly magazine or if you have an eBook that you update regularly. As publisher, you can choose to add back issues to the group to create an archive. You can also use the subscription group to market additional publications, for example, by giving members a free issue or a teaser version of a sister publication to entice members towards an additional subscription.

You will also be able to interact with your subscribers via the subscription group's discussion forums, in order to get valuable feedback and build relationships and loyalty with your readers. The forum also give the group members an opportunity to interact with each other.

When setting up a subscription group to sell your publications, you determine how much subscribers will pay for a period of time, up to one year. The subscriber will then gain access to all items within the group for that period. Each time a new item is added to the subscription group area, your subscribers will receive an update on email. When a subscription group member is approaching the end of their membership period they will receive an automatic internal message and email to inform them that their subscription is nearing the end and will be renewed automatically. If they do not wish to renew their subscription, they will be instructed on how to cancel it.

To create a subscription group, simply click the 'create new' drop down button and select 'subscription' in your library, or click 'create new subscription in the actions box. Fill in the required details including cost of subscription and click the 'Add item' button to select the items that you wish to include in the group. When publishing a new item you will also be able to drop it straight into your subscription group. You can change the thumbnail of the subscription group to better reflect what the group is. All YUDU Express users will be able to see the details of your subscription group in the public YUDU Express library but they will only be able to access the contents once they have subscribed and paid.

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