After undertaking a cyber security review of all of our services we have decided to retire YUDU Express which is no longer viable to maintain to the highest standards. The site will be closed at midday on August 31st 2021. We have created a FAQ page with more information, but would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have used this service over the years.

Privacy settings

Control exactly who can see your items on YUDU Express by selecting one of three privacy levels.


Everyone can see and browse this content.

When publishing your own content, by default your items will be public - this means anyone on YUDU Express will be able to see them in the main YUDU Express library. Let the world see your items. You don't need to change the privacy level for public documents.

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Only YOU can see this content in your library.

For content that you don't wish to share with the world, you can simply change the privacy level to 'Private'. Click on the thumbnail of the item to go to the Item Summary Page. To change the privacy setting from 'Public', click on the 'public' link and you will see the other options. Simply click the 'Private' setting and this will ensure no-one else can see or search for your item. The private item will still appear in your library, but with a red 'Private' banner at the top left.

If you set an item to 'Private' that has previously been public, the item will immediately be removed from all the libraries of the users who have placed this item in their library*. Resetting this item to Public will repopulate these libraries again.

*Unless the item was purchased by this user.

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Password protect your content and allow only selected people to view it.

If you don't want the world to see your content, you can password protect your content so that just your friends see it, or maybe everyone at work. To set the item to 'protected', on the item summary page, simply change the privacy level from public by clicking on the public link. Choose the 'protected' option, and enter a password. To share the item, simply send the publication URL (click the 'view item' button and copy and paste the URL at the top of the browser) and the password to those people who you wish to share it with!

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