Watch the My Library help video about how to find and add new items to your library, how to add tags, how to organize your library and also how to delete items from your library.

Organise your library and make shared items easier to find

Keep all your documents and files organised by tagging, categorising and rating all the items in your library. This will make it easier for you to find things, but also easy for other users to find your shared items.

As soon as you start adding content to your library, you should start using the organisation tools. You can tag, categorise, name, rate, review and comment, as well as write a description and message the publisher. If you keep all your items organised from the start, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for as your library gets bigger.

To organise the items in your library, simply click on the item to go to its summary page. Add tags, select categories, click on the name and description field to add a new name or description.

Once your items have been organised with tags and categories etc, finding things in your library will become very easy - just use the sort and filter tools on the left, or the search bar on the top right. (Note: If you are in your own library, the search bar will just search within your Library. If you are on any other page, the search bar will search the whole YUDU Express library).

Read our tagging guide for more information.

Organising your shared items so they are easy to find in the public library

Tagging and organising the content that you have published is very important for items that you wish to share in the public library - your items will be easier to find if they are properly organised.

The tags, title, rating, categories and description you select will be visible when someone searches for, or views the item in the public library. If you'd like to see your item on the most popular list, or simply allow as many people as possible to see it, then filling in the tags, categories, title and description really does matter.

You can organise your public documents as soon as they are published - in your library holding tray. Each time you publish, you will be sent an email that will take you directly to the holding tray summary page, so you can quickly and easily sort the item before you add it to the library.

It takes a matter of seconds and can make all the difference. A publication that no one can find in the public library won't get that many views, and remember - all users can see how many times your public items have been viewed, so the more, the better!

Make Shared Items Easier to Find

Every shared (public) item is visible in the YUDU Express library and is therefore available to search, view and add to your own library at the click of a button. Adding items to your library allows you to rate, review and more.

As well as publishing your own items to your YUDU Express library, you can also add shared/public items of interest from the main YUDU Express library. Simply click on the Explore button at the top of the screen to browse the public YUDU Express library. Use the search tool at the top and the filter panels on the left to find items of interest. YUDU Express will automatically refresh the items shown on the page based on your search terms and filters. More information on how to explore & search the YUDU Express library.

To add an item of interest to your library from the public library, simply click on the item. This will take you to the item summary page, where you click the 'Add to my library' button. Once you have clicked the 'Add to my library' button, you will remain in the item summary page, but now you will be able to rate, comment, review, and send a message to the item's publisher. Note: to do all this, the publication has to be added to your library first.

Publishing your own files to your library is also very simple - see the help and advice on publishing.

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