How to earn YUDU Express referral commissions

Commission is paid when a new visitor is attracted to the YUDU Express site through external websites and blogs - via an embedded library or item. It can also be earned from emails sent out by YUDU Express subscribers that contain referral content.

YUDU Express automatically sets up all Express subscribers to receive commissions from referral sales. You do not have to register or fill in any more forms. Effectively you are not reselling items on YUDU Express, just being paid a commission on a sale if the sale comes via your website or blog.

Not all items for sale on YUDU Express pay commissions. The publisher selling the item has the choice of whether or not to enable referral sales. Items that pay commissions are clearly shown on the Item Summary page.

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How it works

If an item is purchased by a user who enters YUDU Express via your embedded link on an external site, you will earn 10% of the purchase price of that item. You will also earn 10% if the visitor upgrades to YUDU Express. The visitor is tracked for a period of 30 days and any purchases made on the YUDU Express site during that 30 day period will pay you commission. After that time the commission arrangement expires.

If a person purchases an item on YUDU Express after having come from your external site, you will receive the money - EVEN if they had been on another referrer's site before they had come to yours. i.e. The last referral site prior to the purchase will be the only referral commission paid.

There are no referral fees paid on items purchased WITHIN YUDU Express - i.e if an item is purchased from within your YUDU Express library. It is only if they have come via an external referral link.

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Referral payments

Each time you earn referral commission you will receive an email. You can also monitor the amount in your account statement in your YUDU Express library. To view this, click the 'Account' box on the left of your own YUDU Express Library page and click the 'Financial Summary' link. You will be paid referral commissions via PayPal each month, or once the due amount exceeds £20.

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