Watch the My Library help video about how to find and add new items to your library, how to add tags, how to organize your library and also how to delete items from your library.

Explore and search

Using the filter and search tools, explore and browse the public library to find publications and other digital media of interest to YOU.

The advanced search and filter tools allow you to find exactly what you're looking for. Below is a quick explanation of these tools. The filter tools are found in the left hand column and the search function is at the top. As default, you will see all items listed as thumbnails, but you can view the items differently by changing the view to thumbnail and text, or just text.

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Sort panel

Use the sort tool to re-arrange the items exactly how you would like to see them. View by title, author, popularity and date. You can also select the number of items per page.

Sort all items alphabetically by Title and Author (characters & numbered titles will appear first), Popularity (based on number of views that week) or date published. Make sure you click the 'sort' button once you have selected the sort type and the page will refresh according to your choices.

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Tags panel

Search by tag: tags are keywords that describe an item and help you find it! Chose a word or tag that you are interested in and YUDU Express will refine your search results - showing only items 'tagged' with that specific keywords.

Basically, tags are keywords which YUDU Express publishers have added to their content, to help people find it more easily. To search for an interesting keyword or tag, simply type the word into the search field in this panel and then click 'go'. You will then be given a list of related tags to choose from. Click on the specific tag you wish to apply - and the entire Explore page will refresh to show you just the items with that specific tag. At this stage, you can add another tag to filter your search further (it will only show results that have ALL the tags you have chosen), or delete tags by clicking on them again, to widen the search.

Remember - tags only work if the user uploading/publishing the item adds tags, so if you'd like your content to be found easily, make sure you tag all of your items. More information on how to tag your own items.

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Categories panel

Categories are basically fixed tags that help you refine your search - simply click the categories of interest.

To help people along, we also allow you to search by category. A type of fixed tag that you select in the category panel. Categories are good in instances where different terms are used by different people - for example, if you searched for 'pamphlet' in the tags panel, you would not be shown results that have been tagged with the word 'leaflet', even though it essentially means the same thing. Once you select a category, YUDU Express will refresh the page to show items only the items in that category.

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Media panel

The media panel allows you to filter your search for: digital publications, audio clips, photos and web links.

YUDU Express allows users to upload many different types of content to their library, including digital publications or documents, images, audio and visual bookmarks (of their favourite websites). When you're exploring the library you might only be looking for audio files for example, so simply click on the relevant tick box in the Media panel and YUDU Express will refresh the page so you only see that specific media type.

Have any other ideas for filtering? Let us know.

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Search tools

Search bar

Simply type keywords of interest into the search bar at the top and click 'Go', to find what you are looking for. Search results will show all items and users with that keyword.

This will search the whole YUDU Express library for all items and users with related titles or names. Items will be listed first and users listed below them. Simply click on the item or user that you wish to view, to go to the item summary page or user's personal library.

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Advanced search

Click the advanced search link to search for specifics WITHIN publications - for example, text within a digital publication.

Click the advanced search link (underneath the search bar at the top of the explore page) to search within publications. When you type in a keyword, this tool searches for text within publications, and will return results showing even the specific pages of all the publications that mention that keyword. This is a very powerful tool that's fantastic for researching specific topics!

You can also search for text within a specific digital publication by clicking on the thumbnail image to go to the publication's summary page. Click the 'actions' button to the left and you will see a 'Search for text' field. Type in the text/keywords that you are looking for and click 'Go' - and YUDU Express will show you all the pages that those keywords appear within the publication.

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