Buying content on YUDU Express

Items for sale

When you explore the YUDU Express library you will see that some items are for sale - these items will have a price displayed underneath them, in pounds sterling, and a small 'Buy' button. When you click on the item, you will be taken to the Item Details Page, where you can view the product's description, who published it, all reviews and comments on that item and the approximate value in your own currency (select your currency in the drop down next to the price).

Know what you are buying

YUDU Express users can buy digital publications, images, and audio files on YUDU Express. Most publications for sale will have a number of pages for free, giving you a free preview of the full item. When purchasing images, you will be able to see a watermarked version of the image. When purchasing audio, most audio files will allow you to listen to a preview of the audio before purchase. Once purchased, you will receive the full publication, high res image or full audio file in your YUDU Express library.

Users can also purchase access to subscription groups in a similar manner. You will be purchasing access to whatever items are within that group - this could be weekly publications, images and audio files for example. The details will be different for each subscription group - the subscription period can be between one week and a year, with the publisher choosing how often, and what they publish in their subscription. See the details on the subscription summary page for more information - if you have any questions, simply click on the publisher's username, then on Message User to send them a quick email.

How to purchase, via PayPal

To ensure a secure payment, all purchases on YUDU Express must be made via PayPal. To purchase the item, simply click the 'Buy Item' button under the thumbnail (on the item details page) or click the small 'Buy' button under the thumbnail (in the library). If you don't have a PayPal account, you can [register for free] or use your credit card.

Click the Buy Now button on YUDU Express and you will be taken through to YUDU Express's PayPal page. Either fill in your card details on the left or sign in to your account on the right.

Please note: YUDU Express is a library of digital content. Remember that if you are purchasing a digital publication, you will be purchasing the full digital publication - not a hard copy/printed version. By purchasing, you will be given access to the full digital publication, which will be stored in your YUDU Express library.

What happens next?

Once you have paid via PayPal, your digital content will appear in your YUDU Express library. You can access it at any time. Other users will not be able to access bought items in your library. If you have bought an audio file or image, you will also be able to download this onto your computer - along with digital editions, should the publisher decide to take this option. In order to protect YUDU Express sellers valuable content, you will only be able to access digital publications on 5 different computers, to help prevent unauthorised access.

If you are paying via eCheque on PayPal (you have insufficient funds in your PayPal account and so PayPal must draw the money from your bank), this can take up to ten days to clear and so you will not receive access to the digital content until the payment has been cleared.

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Writing and adding reviews for items you've bought on YUDU Express

We encourage you to write and submit reviews on any items that you purchase on YUDU Express. Reviews are an important way of maintaining quality on the site and will help other buyers to make an informed decision.

We suggest reviews should cover the following:

What you liked about the item.
What you didn't like about it, if anything, or what could be better.
What you would like to have known before you bought it.

Review guide

Don't use offensive or obscene language.
Don't criticise other reviewers or their reviews.
The review must not use abusive language and must only discuss the item in question.
Don't review a product or service that promotes you or your employer's business or hinders your competitors' business.
Don't use all uppercase letters!

Any reviews considered inappropriate or offensive will be removed by the YUDU Express team.

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