Watch the My Library help video about how to find and add new items to your library, how to add tags, how to organize your library and also how to delete items from your library.

Adding shared items to your library

Every shared (public) item is visible in the YUDU Express library and is therefore available to search, view and add to your own library at the click of a button. Adding items to your library allows you to rate, review and more.

As well as publishing your own items to your YUDU Express library, you can also add shared/public items of interest from the main YUDU Express library. Simply click on the Explore button at the top of the screen to browse the public YUDU Express library. Use the search tool at the top and the filter panels on the left to find items of interest. YUDU Express will automatically refresh the items shown on the page based on your search terms and filters. More information on how to explore and search the YUDU Express library.

To add an item of interest to your library from the public library, simply click on the item. This will take you to the item summary page, where you click the 'Add to my library' button. Once you have clicked the 'Add to my library' button, you will remain in the item summary page, but now you will be able to rate, comment, review, and send a message to the item's publisher. Note: to do all this, the publication has to be added to your library first.

Publishing your own files to your library is also very simple - see the help and advice on publishing.

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