The act of uploading content to YUDU Express does not transfer ownership to YUDU Express in any way and therefore you, as publisher and site user, are wholly and legally responsible for the content – YUDU Express simply acts as the host for all files. If your content breaches the Law, you expose yourself to prosecution. Notwithstanding this, YUDU Express imposes its own rules and standards on material uploaded and read from its servers:

  1. No copyright abuse.
  2. No offensive material.
  3. No adult content (outside of YUDU Express Store - mature section)


  1. Break the laws of the country from where you are uploading the material.
  2. Breach any laws in the United Kingdom and United States of America.

The following guidelines have been put in place to help you decide if your content complies with the YUDU Express criteria.

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Copyright Guidelines

YUDU Express aims to provide hosted documents that respect the rights of the copyright owner. The laws of copyright are there to protect original work and ensure that others do not unfairly profit at the expense of the creator. Music, film, photographic images, works of art, designs, and books are all typical examples. Some copyright will be registered and have stronger and immediate enforcement. YUDU Express recognises the importance of protecting original works and will act upon clear breaches of copyright.

Authors are solely responsible for all content they make available on our sites. YUDU Express is not responsible for links to 3rd party websites and any content found on those websites. YUDU Express sites allow Authors of content the ability to keep content in private areas for their own personal viewing. Content in these areas whether documents, audio, photographs, flash or video can include legally purchased copyright material that is stored and viewed by the user. Any Author who elects to makes content public certifies that he/she owns all intellectual property rights in the content and grants us a worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, nonexclusive, sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly display, transfer, transmit, distribute, and publish content for the purposes of (i) displaying content on our sites, (ii) distributing content by any means to users seeking to access it, and/or (iii) storing content. This license shall have the widest possible application. It will apply to the distribution and the storage of content in any current or future medium. Private area of the website that are password protected and for the users' own private use can contain digital files that have been purchased by the users for their own personal use.

Authors who upload public domain materials can mark these items as PD, in which case the restriction of the Creative Commons (CC) no longer applies. Authors subscribing to YUDU Express have the option to use all rights reserved copyright ©, other Creative commons licenses, their own conditions, or to mark the content as Public Domain (PD).

YUDU Express will consider any breach of any selected copyright protection as breach of the YUDU Express copyright rules.

To help you decide if your content complies with the YUDU Express criteria we suggest you consider whether it passes these common sense tests:

  1. Have I borrowed part or all of the text from copyrighted text without permission and without acknowledgement from the author or referencing the source?
  2. Do I refer to any brand or logo without a fair reason to do so and if so, do I acknowledge the brand owner.
  3. Have I included music clips from a song or piece of music that I do not have the rights for?
  4. Have I included clips from films or videos that I have not originated and I have not been granted permission to use?
  5. Have I included photographic images that I do not own and I have obtained without the permission of the owner of the rights?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, you should refrain from publishing this material with YUDU Express.

Copyright Abuse Action

Owners of intellectual property rights who believe their rights are being infringed by an Author who displays content on our sites or offers content for sale should resolve their disputes directly with that Author.

YUDU Express encourages intellectual property right owners to regularly check the site for any violation of your copyright. YUDU Express provides a variety of tools to help you check that your copyright is protected. You can search the site for key words and phrases and view any document that is found.
If you believe your copyright has been violated, you should take the following steps.

  1. Contact the person who uploaded your copyrighted content.
  2. ask the owner to make the content Private. YUDU Express has designed the site so that if a document is made private by the person who uploaded the file then it is immediately removed from the main YUDU Express library and all user’s Libraries.
  3. If the item is being sold, then ask the user to remove it from sale.

As a courtesy to owners of intellectual property rights, we are willing to perform a limited investigation of reasonable complaints. However, we provide no guarantee that we will remove the alleged infringing materials from our site. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated by YUDU Express Ltd or by an Author who has displayed content on our site, please report the infringement using the Report Abuse form, accessed via the publication in question or on the YUDU.com website. Please provide the following information to assist our enquires:

  1. A list of the actions you have taken with the Author and the responses;
  2. A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed and a description of where it is located on the site;
  3. An address, a telephone number, and an e-mail address where we and the Author can contact you;
  4. A statement that you have a good-faith belief that the use is not authorized by the copyright or other intellectual property rights owner, by its agent, or by law;
  5. A statement by you under penalty of perjury that the information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright or intellectual property owner or are authorized to act on the owner's behalf;
  6. Your electronic or physical signature.

You understand that claims of infringement may be difficult if not impossible to resolve. We may request additional information before we remove any infringing material. We may provide the alleged infringing party with your e-mail address so that that person can respond to your allegations. If a dispute cannot be resolved, we reserve the right to make private or remove your content along with that of the alleged infringer pending resolution of the matter.

If your materials have been removed based on the complaints of another party, we will provide you with notice. We will also provide you with the e-mail address of the complaining party so that you may attempt to resolve the issue.

Should copyright violation be proved or in the sole opinion of YUDU Express copyright has been violated, YUDU Express reserves full rights to close accounts, restrict access or refuse applications for new accounts by the transgressor for a period of time to be determined at the sole discretion of YUDU Express. Should this involve closing accounts of the transgressor with positive balances, moneys due will be forfeited and funds paid to a registered charity.

If you believe your copyright material is being used on this Web site without permission, please use the Report Abuse system on the publication in question or on the YUDU.com site.

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Offensive Content Guidelines

YUDU Express supports freedom of speech and expression and will not respond to attempts to suppress legitimate views on race, politics and religion. However, this site follows YUDU Express family friendly guidelines and therefore reserves the right to take down inappropriate material when it is brought to our attention or discovered.

To help you decide if your content complies with the YUDU Express criteria we suggest you consider whether it passes the following tests:

  1. Does your material incite others to commit violent acts against themselves or other persons?
  2. Does your material exploit and manipulate the vulnerable?
  3. Does your material deliberately set out to deeply offend religious groups, racial groups or those of differing beliefs?
  4. Does your material breach standard of decency that would upset minors.
  5. Would you object to have the content be openly attributed to you and your family?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES then you should refrain from publishing this material with YUDU Express.

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Adult Content Guidelines

YUDU Express aims to provide hosted documents that are family friendly

To help you decide if your content complies with the YUDU Express criteria, we suggest you consider whether it complies with the following rules:

  1. The content must be suitable for viewing with your friends and family.
  2. The content must be suitable for viewing at work with the knowledge of your boss & colleagues.
  3. The material used must be suitable for open sale in high street retailers or shopping malls.

Adult content can only be published to the contained mature section of the professional YUDU Express Store and all material must have prior approval by the YUDU Express Store Manager. Digital Magazines that are accepted onto the Store will only be those that would be suitable for sale as hard copy magazines in the high street stores of major retailers in the UK and USA.

To access the YUDU Express Store mature section, readers must be over 18 years old. Adult content can only be seen after confirmation of age and the purchase of an edition.

All material breaching the above guidelines may be taken down without notice & may be reported to:

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Abuse Reporting

YUDU Express publications allow all readers to report abuse directly from a link on each and every publication and also from within the summary page of all other items on YUDU.com YUDU Media reserve the right to take down all publications that do not adhere to the criteria and rules described above.

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YUDU Express Moderator Panel (YMP)

All abuse reports will be considered by the YMP. The decision of the YMP is final. The panel consists of persons representing different professions, nationalities, religions, politics, race and gender, who will consider all abuse reports in an objective manner.

In addition to the Report Abuse system YUDU Express may at any time deploy word or image recognition software to alert us to inappropriate material.

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