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Display The Connections's Library in your webpage or blog using the code below.

Embedding Options

Choose from either the basic or advanced options to embed or link to this library from your site or blog:


The Basic option is quick and straight forward: when you paste the code below into your page, an image linked to the library will appear.


The Advanced option gives you more flexibility, but takes a little more setting up. Pasting the code generated by this option into your web page will produce a mini-library view, and you can filter by tags and choose how many items to show.

You can choose which items are seen on your web page by entering tags - separated by commas - in the control below.

(i.e. enter 'house' - without the quotes, into the form below to show only items that have been tagged with the word house)

You can also use the controls below to alter the size of your mini-library, by selecting the number of rows and columns you'd like.

Select tags:

Number of columns:

Number of rows:


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